Fuck The Future, Live In The Past.

Apparently my phone has had iMessage off for the past two weeks which has resulted in me getting next to zero texts from anyone with an iPhone.
So Kristen thought I was shunning her and my mom thought I was dead.
Maybe I am dead.
I did have a dream that I grew up to be Mr.Simpson from Degrassi last night and I was seriously stressed out from all those Canadian teens antics.

Anyways, sorry if it seems like I’ve been ignoring you, comrades.

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Was playing apples to apples when…


Was playing apples to apples when…

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I had a wellness coach meeting tonight (after swimming this morning and having the busiest day at work) and that dude was a hoot.
At first it was kindof awkward and I was nervous but next thing I know he’s ranting and raving how he hates how obsessed people are with calories and that we should all eat what makes us happy and do the exercises that make us happy and just be happy.
Soon it turned into talking about our favorite foods and bars in the city.
Next thing I know we telling our horror stories of nights at bars with punch bowls.

We also found a pipe lying around and then heard some moms talk about how they hate that their grown as kids want to celebrate Easter because these moms just want to celebrate 420. So we assumed it was theirs.

Which made me forget that I was working out the whole time.

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Work appropriate conversation where my boss walks up behind me

Me: yeah I'm trying to be less of a stressed asshole so I'm doing this whole exercising thing.
Dee: drugs work.
Brandy: drinking works.
Dee: excessive masturbation is also a good one.
Me: I'm a big fan of that last one.
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"Whose the better Joker, Ledger or Nicholson?"
"Mark Hamill"
I mean really, don’t ask me trick questions.

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Follow your heart and your pleasure in art, don’t do what you think it’s gonna be making you money or your parents want you to do, or what that beautiful girl or guy thinks you should be doing. Do what you love. it’s going to lead to where you want to go. Go out there and make the world more beautiful. I know you can.
- Wayne White (via ayapol)
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