Sara Was A Diver & Shes Always Down.

Ghost World (2001)

Last week a stranger told me I looked like Daniel Clowes imagined me.

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The power of voodoo?!

The power of voodoo?!

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Don’t worry you guys, we have officially spent a decade under the influence of this song.

Don’t worry you guys, we have officially spent a decade under the influence of this song.

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hi good morning touch me inappropriately 

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Batman Animated Series 7″ Vinyl [x]

Um yes

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You talk so loud, that it calms me down.

Scott emailed me again and this one was kindof sad and had a picture of Bismarck sleeping.
& he talked about how hard it is for him to talk about his self made heart break (us) that he cries before words even come out. & how he shouldn’t be telling me any of this.
It kindof seems like he’s feeling as if he made a mistake. Telling me he’s proud of me for being honest about how I feel.
& for whatever reason I feel next to nothing about all this. I care about Scott and I know I am most certainly in love with him still, deep down, but I feel nothing. It’s as if all this time apart has made it so I am feeling less like a mess. Sometimes when I’m in bed I try to imagine his voice and what it feels like to hold him but a part of that goes away every moment. I know if I saw him again it would all change, I would probably fall right back into being a mess that wants and needs him.
& I feel like he knows, like he has a gut feeling that I’ve been talking to another gentleman.
I genuinely like staying up all hours talking to Wembley and I like kissing him and the sex was outstanding.
I like that he talks so loud and his hair is a million different lengths.
I like his chest piece and the way he shows affection.
& I like that he’s going through the same thing as me because it all makes it easier.
& through this I have realized that I won’t end up with Scott. That ended. We loved until we couldn’t. It was good until it wasn’t.
But I still miss him every day.

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Wembley was talking about the ellaborate playlist he was making me & that he’s only had people make him four mixes total in his life.
This is my first of possibly many for him.

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Landon Liboiron by Paul Maffi

Can we please talk about how hot Declan from Degrassi got?

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I put myself out there today & I’m not sure how it’s going to pay off.
I’m tired and anxious and a bit sad.
I ran into too many people I didn’t want to see today.
& Scott emailed me.

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